The Aqedah knife is a relic shrouded by much mystery and confusion. At times its appearances and owners have been fairly well documented, while during other periods it has all but vanished into legend.
The Aqedah knife is an iron tool, the metal itself having its origins in a meteorite that fell over the Nile valley during a state religious ceremony. This iron is called in the Egyptian Ba'a-en-pet, or "Iron from the Sky."

It was with Abraham that the knife acquired its mythical resonance, being the blade nearly used to sacrifice Isaac on Mount Moriah. After the angel stayed his hand, Abraham kept the knife as a potent symbol of his relationship with God.

Nazi occultist Dr. Julius Niemand spent several months examining the knife in conjunction with the St. Magnus Tapestry. He states that the knife was actually buried with Joseph in Egypt.

According to the literature of Anglo-Israelism the sacred knife was indeed passed down the generations, to Jesus of Nazareth. Indeed, it was the very relic itself which was used to cut the bread during the last supper! After the Crucifixion, it passed into the hands of Joseph of Arimathea and on into Caligula's Rome, where it was eventually turned over to the Nazis by the Italian government.

It was used by Kondratji Selivanov, founder of the Skoptsi to castrate himself.

It's whereabouts are currently unknown.

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