Kompressor in Action is my favorite German industrial techno band. It consists of one member, Kompressor (a.k.a Andreas K.). His site, complete with music downloads, is located at kompressormusic.com.

Quoth the aforementioned website:
TOADCHILD, RUFUS write some KOMPRESSORLYRIC on everything2.com. many have write me to ask for lyric, some KOMPRESSORLYRIC are there. it is high quality lyric transcription.

Due to E2 Copyright Changes, I contacted Drew (of drew.corrupt.net fame) in order to obtain explicit permission to post the Kompressorlyrics. His response:
Speaking on behalf of Sharing Machine, Kompressor's record label, you have permission to post these lyrics anywhere you want. While the music is copyrighted, the actual lyrics for the three Kompressor albums released in the US are registered as public domain.

Here are the songs available on the site, by album:
Bold songs are not available for free download. Catalog numbers are in parentheses.

World Domination (#KOMP003, #SM001)
  1. Kompressor Does not Dance
  2. Stereo System
  3. Adding up Numbers
  4. Midnight Rendezvous
  5. K is for Kompressor
  6. Red Robot Theme Song
  7. Destroy Mass Media
  8. In Effect
  9. Differentialgleichungen
  10. Der Todessynthesizer
  11. Kompressor Logik
  12. Never Talk to Strangers

Crush Television (#KOMP004, #SM000)
  1. Introduction
  2. Rappers we Crush
  3. Do not play with fire
  4. Vitamins are Good
  5. Landschaltgestaltung
  6. We Must Destroy X10
  7. You Get Salmonella
  8. Crush Television
  9. Skyline
  10. Vogel und Reptilian
  11. The Girl from Ipanema
  12. Fist of Fear
  13. You need Words
  14. Brush Your Teeth
  15. If I was a Rabbit

Underground Archives (#SM004)
  1. Shiny Happy People
  2. Look Both Ways
  3. Click Click Click
  4. Die Musikkraft
  5. Kompressor want to get with You(and your sister)
  6. Furchttrommel
  7. Attack and Release
  8. Duluth, Minnesota
  9. Dominate
  10. Salty Salute
  11. Corporations, Broadcasters, Papers
  12. 120 Mph
  13. Wir sind Kompressor
  14. Zero to Phantom
  15. Mighty Kompressor
  16. Electricity
  17. Stronger Than
  18. Musikkassett
  19. Tapes have been Destroyed

Note that there will be some differences in interpretations of songs, as there are no official lyrics, and some songs, especially the old ones, can be incredibly difficult to understand.

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