aka Dr. Dooom aka Dr. Ultra aka Black Elvis aka more things that I can remember ( - but there is a handy document of them - Kool Keith personae.) A rapper who has singlehandedly altered the state of rap several times over his career, beginning in The Ultramagnetic MCs and who has been institutionalized several times for bipolar disorder and multiple personality dissassociative disorder on account of his dozens of stage personas. The source of the sample "Smack my Bitch up" used by The Prodigy.

Hailing from the Bronx during the "Golden-era" of Hip-hop, Kool Keith Thornton has established himself as an institution in the genre. Or if nothing, his crazy ass belongs in one.

Kool Keith is known to many as the most eccentric member of the groundbreaking Ultramagnetic MC's, yet his post Ultramag discography alone merits a seperate node altogether. Some albums include: the Cenubites (Cenobites) LP, Dr. Octagon, Sex Style, Dr. Dooom, Black Elvis, Analog Brothers, Masters of Illusion, Matthew and Spankmaster (all recorded in a span of just 5 years).

Dr. Octagon was his most widely acclaimed work, although each and every one of his groupies has their own favorite Kool Keith moment.

In his early days with MC's Ultra, he began honing his wacky space style lyrical delivery, dropping flow of consciousness lyrics and doing rhyming android impressions. With the single "Poppa Large", he became a household name, as well as the first (and perhaps last) rapper to wear a straitjacket and a birdcage on his head in a video. Also of note, Kool Keith will probably be the first and last rapper to ever diss a President (whom he had actually met in person) on wax.

Along with these other noteworthy accomplishments, Kool Keith is one among the few remaining Reagan-era rappers who are still taken seriously. I believe Kool Keith sums it all up with this quote: "Larger than Hip-hop, you watch me like the President"

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