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An analog drum machine released in 1982.

The KPR-77 is a simple inexpensive drum machine resembling Roland TR-606. It features both real time and step sequencing, with a LCD display and a metronome voice to help the process. The editing is quite simple, and the only special parameter for the tones is accent.
48 patterns with 32 steps can be stored in the unit's battery-backed memory, grouped to 6 groups of 2 songs each. A tape interface is available for loading and saving sequences.
External control is done via DIN sync, making the unit compatible with several other Korg/Roland/etc units from the same time period (although a converter is needed for some machines). The two tom sounds are wired to separate trigger outputs.

Bass Drum
Open Hi-Hat
Closed Hi-Hat
Cymbal / Hand Clap (switchable)
Low Tom
High Tom
(sample kit available at http://machines.hyperreal.org/categories/drum-machines/KPR-77/samples/kpr77kit.zip)

36.2cm (w) x 20cm (d) x 7.2cm (h)

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