The city of Krakow in southern Poland is one of the most beautiful cities in Poland. Krakow is virtually the only city in Poland that was not destroyed during the Nazi invasion of the Second World War. Several hundred years ago, the capital of Poland was moved from Krakow to Warsaw. This strategic move inadvertantly saved the city from doom several hundred years later during the war. As a result, the city has been able to preserve its medeival structures.

Mariacki (St. Mary's), the cathedral in the town square does not look like much from outside, but has an amazingly beautiful vaulted ceiling on the interior. The ceiling itself is painted blue and gold, which gives it a much more distinct atmosphere than normal cathedrals.

Every hour on the hour in Krakow, a trumpet player ascends to the top of one of the church towers and plays a tune. The tune stops abruptly in the middle. This same interrupted tune is played four times, once facing in each direction. The legend goes that when Poland was invaded by the Turks, a brave citizen climbed the tower and played the trumpet call to warn the people in the city of the invasion. A Turkish soldier, with incredible accuracy, was able to shoot the trumpeter with a cross bow. Every hour, this is commemerated by playing the hero's unfinished tune.

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