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The Kyôtosen is one of three train lines connecting Kyoto and Osaka, Japan (the other two are the Hankyu and Keihan Railways). The total distance from Kyoto Station to Osaka Station is 42.8 km.

The line was built in the 1870's, and was originally part of Japan National Railways' Tokaido Line. When JNR was privatized and broken up in 1987, the line ended up in the hands of the West Japan Railway (JR West). However, the Kyoto Line is actually seamless with the Biwako Line and Kobe Line at either end, and most trains that operate on the line continue on to stations beyond Kyoto and Osaka, often going as far as Himeji and Maibara (on the Sanyo Line and Biwako Line, respectively).

The Haruka train from Kyoto to Kansai International Airport also uses the Kyoto line for the first portion of its journey, as does the Thunderbird from Osaka to Toyama, the Ocean Arrow from Kyoto to Shingu, and the Super Hakuto from Kyoto to Kurayoshi.

From north to south, the stations on the Kyoto Line are:

Station        Distance    Transfers                                     
(Biwako Line before Kyoto)
Kyoto Station              Karasuma Line, Kintetsu, Shinkansen,
                           Kosei Line, Sagano Line, Nara Line   
Nishi-Oji         2.5
Mukomachi         6.4
Nagaoka          10.1
Yamazaki         14.1
Takatsuki        21.6
Settsu-Tonda     24.5
Ibaraki          28.2
Senrioka         31.1
Kishibe          32.8
Suita            35.2
Higashi-Yodogawa 38.3
Shin-Osaka       39.0      Midosuji Line, Shinkansen
Osaka Station    42.8      Midosuji Line, Yotsubashi Line, Tanimachi Line,
                           Hanshin, Hankyu, Osaka Loop Line, Tozai Line
(Kobe Line after Osaka)

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