Song by ZZ Top from the 1973 album Tres Hombres, their third album. It was the first top 40 hit by the bearded guys. The song is mostly instrumental, but does contain enough lyrics to support the claim that it is about "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas" in the afore mentioned town.

Acording to Gorgonzola, the riff, which is about as generic-bluesy as you can get, is a ripoff of the John Lee Hooker tune Boogie Chillen. After the release of La Grange, Hooker's publisher sued ZZ Top. It was ruled that the riff was in the public domain.


Rumor spreadin' round
In that Texas town
'bout the shack outside La Grange
(y'all know what I'm talking 'bout)
Just let me know
If you wanna go
To that home out on the range
(They got a lot of nice girls - ah)

- big drum part -

(have mercy)
(a how how how how)
(aha a how how how how)
Well the air is fine
If you got the time
And intend to get yourself out
(a hmm hmm hmm)
And the air is tight
Most every night
But now, I might be mistaken
(hmm hmm hmm)

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