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Alas, Webby has, as usual, a very 1913 entry. The term Ladino refers not simply to mestizos, but specifically to those who speak only Spanish and are more or less assimiliated into the predominantly European culture. There exists a certain cultural boundary between the ladinos and the indigenous peoples, who often speak little or no Spanish and usually have maintained a non-European culture. While the fully "indigenous" people will usually have a more predominantly Amerind ancestry than Ladinos, the determining factor is culture, not blood.

La*di"no (?), n.; pl. Ladinos (#). [Sp.]

One of the half-breed descendants of whites and Indians; a mestizo; -- so called throughout Central America. They are usually of a yellowish orange tinge. Am. Cyc.


© Webster 1913

La*di"no (?), n.; pl. - nos (&?;)


The mixed Spanish and Hebrew language spoken by Sephardim.


A cunningly vicious horse. [Southeastern U. S.]


A ladin.


© Webster 1913

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