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Landser, german slang word for "soldier", especially during World War II, is the name of Germany's most infamous Nazi Rock band from East Berlin.

The band was initially founded in 1992 by the name "Endlösung". Due to the many state-run actions against the band (indexing, concert-bans,..) the members didn't show up in public very often, playing their only public concert masked. They played a lot more concerts however, mainly in small pubs in Berlin as well as at NPD-meetings. In 2003 the members of the band were found guilty of forming a criminal ring, incitement of the people and distributing Nazi propaganda by a Berlin court. Except of the singer, Michael Regener, all penalties were dropped, Regener himself has filed an appeal.

Due to the statements against Regener by the other band members during the trial the band has split up, Regener now being singer of his new band, "The Lunikoff Conspiracy".

The really unusual thing about the band is the quality of their records as well as their musical skills. The distribution of their records went on in a much more professional way than most other Nazi bands, often supported by Nazi associations. They recorded in studios outside of Germany, the records were then smuggled into the country. The number of produced disks per album was said to be 5-digit and above.

I know exactly one song by Landser, which was played at a recital of the Socialistic Youth along with other songs from all political directions. The really dangerous thing is that their music, like stated above, is good, well played and it has got catchy melodies. The lyrics, of course, are beneath contempt.

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