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Lapinjärvi is a municipality in Southern Finland about 95 km from Helsinki.
There are two churches, for both finnish and swedish services. Older church, swedish one, is built at 1575

It is an ancient habitation area with oldest discoveries from over 6000 years ago. Nowadays there are bit over 3000 inhabitants.

Name is literally "The lake of Lappland" but due it's location it propably means something quite different ;) There is a lake though with the same name close to center with average depth of 2 m...
On the west corner of municipality, in Porlammi, is on the other hand Pyhäjärvi, which average depth is 21 m which is deepest in Finland...

Lapinjärvi contains the training center for Finnish
young men, who have decided to resist war and become
conscientious objectors, serving their military service actually doing something useful.

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