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I opened my draw to reveal a small jar hidden carelessly within. My excited fingers darted inside, pulled out some of the product, and pulled it up to my nose, to get a better smell. I reached further into my draw further betraying a lighter, a small wooden pipe, some rolling papers I had received from a young gentleman on an airplane, and a small vaporiser that I ocassionally puffed on for some fun. I started to relax, hold the buds, and think about where my life was at the time. I began to break up the buds and pack my small wooden pipe. After I packed the pipe I got a towel for the shower and some spare underwear. I went into the bathroom, locked the door and turned the fan on. I sat down with my packed bowl and spare bud, to be consumed later. It was around 12:15, so I waited a few minutes so that when I smoked it would be 4:20 somewhere, in some other time zone. Maybe I would be celebrating with someone else, without knowing it. I stripped down until I was naked, and the cold bit and my skin. Goosebumps rose but I took no notice. I stood near the suction fan and pulled the pipe to my mouth. Upon lighting the bowl I inhaled deeply, the smoke filling my lungs. I released the carb, inhaled further, and waited before exhaling. I went into a meditative, almost trancic state, lighting, inhaling, releasing, exhaling. Looking at the cheery on the buds all the while, admiring the satisfying look of a lit pipe. I sat for a bit, and packed another pipe, thinking about how I used to be. It was a curious thought, really. Just two years ago I was completely anti drug and anti smoking, oh how times had changed. I repeated my ritual with the second pipe, and proceeded to clean my pipe into the nearby bin, and then have a shower, to rid myself of any residual smells of marijuana. I collected my
paraphanelia and waltzed back to my room. I sat on my chair, picked up my vaporiser and meditated over my thoughts, thick clouds floating from my mouth most of the time. Once I had enough, I went to bed. My head felt light but I knew it was not a pure sativa, in fact, judging from the couch lock I was experiencing i could tell it was an indica dominant hybrid, the most common type of bud on the streets of Melbourne. While I lay down, before I went to bed I had a complete out of body experience. I felt like I was floating out of a floating body, it was quite curious. I shortly afterwards fell asleep.

Can't wait till next time.

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