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The droning chant of thousands of recovering *aholics across the world. It is the foundation of the universal Twelve step brainwashing system. If they can just get people to continue to Keep coming back, they will alter their lifestyle in accordance with the dogmatic ideals which are pulled from the Holy Bible, and subtly slipped into such works as The AA Big Book and The NA Basic Text.

If you go to one of these meetings every day, constantly hearing the same readings, over and over again, they will almost unfailingly penetrate into your consciousness. Add to this their insipid cliches (It works if you work it, Denial, it ain't just a river in Egypt, Keep it simple, stupid, Don't quit five minutes before the miracle happens, etc.), and you've got a pretty damn effective system of brainwashing.

You really wouldnt beleive how hard it is to get this shit out of your head, after hearing it every day for almost 4 years. The cliches and touchy-feely sentimentality stick with you like a parasite in your intestines. You can feel their disapproval in your gut. It really makes me wonder how many people wander into AA, due to a simple DWI or some such, and end up turning to alcoholism just to try to wash those 12 steps out of their brain.

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