One of those logical traps used in Twelve step programs to make sure people Keep coming back to put their dollar in the basket. Similar to the idea of denial. If I deny something, that automatically means it's true. So, what reaction do they expect if it isn't true? Am I supposed to admit it to affirm that it's not true?

What this statement really means is, if it's not working, do it anyways. If every single day of your life is another miserable step closer to hell, don't change anything! This keeps you living in fear. Sure, it's not working, but, if I quit, maybe it was just about to start working! That would really suck.

Fear is the basis of Catholicism, upon which Twelve step programs are firmly based. If not for this fear, people would do whatever they want, and whatever makes them happy. So, you have to tell them they'll go to hell and never be happy, unless they do exactly what the book says.

The amusing thing is that you can apply this to addiction, as well. Don't quit you drinking or drugging, even if it's making you miserable, because maybe it will suddenly start getting good on its own. This type of logic can be used to prove or disprove anything, which leads me to believe that any organization that needs to use it is full of shit, otherwise they'd have more concrete logic to prove that their way is the right way for you.

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