Yesterday was my first day of training that was designed to teach people in the area how to sell automobiles and other vehicles. Apparently Wisconsin is a consumer protection state so the rules here are different than that ones in Illinois and other states. So far I really like the class and would rate it as one of the absolute best trainings I have ever attended. Our instructor is very engaging, down to earth, and pretty realistic which is nice. She seems to have a good handle on what we need to know, and is probably way better at reading the room than people are giving her credit for, although that may be just my opinion. The guy on my left is a bit of a know it all, the guy to my right is very laid back, and admitted that he was still drunk when he woke up this morning. I'm not sure who hired him, and I can't decide if I would have given him the opportunity, or passed on it. 

Hard pass on the guy next to him, the guy after him is an easy shoo-in, very professional and well dressed. Looks more like an accountant or member of management at a corporation. The guy after him is a wild card, I don't care for him personally, but probably does a decent job. I will be working with the gentleman after him; he's quirky, he has a very unique style of selling that is very informal and personal. I'm happy the company I work for hired him away from whatever dealership he was at previously. He worked in the restaurant business, sold furniture, and worked his way up to a position where they sold the Mercedes Benz line. He seems gray all over, clothes, hair, etc..., but I don't mean this as a criticism, it works for him. He lacks the hard edge some other sales people have, and I appreciate that about him. You get the feeling he'd be fun to have a beer or a glass of wine with, and I hope I can learn more from him soon.

There are only two other women in the class and I like them both. One is very outdoorsy, but still feminine, the other one is larger, with an interest in MMA that surprised me. I predict that they will both do well if they stick with it, which can be tough in this business. The largest person in the class is probably a decent sales person, but I don't care for him. The guy after him seemed, not into it, and the guy after him was surprisingly funny with a tendency to get right down to business. His style of humor is not mine, but I like the fact that he is who he is, no bullshit. I really like the guy who sat next to him, he's a bit taller than me, he wore a light pink shirt with an interesting pattern, really nice slacks (I just love that word!), and pink flamingo socks with a style of penny loafer I haven't seen in years. The whole thing was sharp on him, not many could get away with it, but he can.

We have one Native American gentleman, and a good looking Latino who I partnered with while we were outside. I think he will do well, but I would put him at a different dealership as it sounds as if the one he is at is cramping his style and failing to set him up for success. After class I went into panic mode without fully realizing that this is what was happening to me on an emotional level. It took me back to my insurance days, and that reminded me of how dreadful it was to be married at that time which is right before we started a family. Terrible timing and overall decision on both of our parts, and I'll accept my fair share of the blame without regretting one moment of parenthood other than to say I wish we had known then what we do now. Could write more, but got dizzy and light headed after I arrived at home so I laid down after a meal. Currently drinking Chianti and really enjoying my life. 

All my best,


P.S. Had some really strange dreams last night, the part I remember most clearly is an older man stuffing what looked like various stacks of foreign currency into a backpack and me putting a pair of shoes over another pair. No idea how to interpret any of my attempts to flee the dangerous place.


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