... she swayed her hips like she was walking to some R&B tune that only she could hear, the arcuate design on the back of her tight Levi's jouncing to the motion of her hips. Her long blond hair cascaded down her shoulders to the middle of her pink tanktop.

How could I not stare?

But I was safe, right? I had my brand new sunglasses. They had mirrored lenses. I could look wherever the hell I wanted, and nobody would know any different. I could gawk at women all I wanted, and as long as I didn't drool or anything, I could get away with it, right? I had the power to conceal.

Then she turned. Her eyes sparkled as her lips parted, uncovering perfect white teeth, bending into a smile that touched the very base of my existence.

I couldn't help smiling back.

The eyes are the very windows in the human soul, and so we try to hide them -- to keep our emotions and our feelings closely hidden. But we cannot forget that we are cursed with more than just the eyes, when it comes to showing emotion. Our lips, our ears, our skin -- all conspire to show our true thoughts.

In that moment of weakness, I broke. And she knew. Oh, her smile turned evil as she told me without a single word "I caught you..."

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