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Poetry must be made by all.

Plagiarism is necessary: progress implies it.

-Le Comte de Lautréaumont

Pen name of Isidore Ducasse, best known for having written Maldoror, also known as Chants de Maldoror. Born 1846 in Montevideo, died 1870 in Paris. He also wrote Poems, or Poésies. The name Le Comte de Lautréamont probably comes from the title of the novel Lautréamont, 1837 by Eugéne Sue.

The twisted, sadistic, and intense nature of Maldoror led to its becoming popularized early only by people such as the surrealists, and aficionados of the theatre of the absurd.

The following is the first sentence from Paul Knight's Maldoror translation:

"May it please the heaven that the reader, emboldened and having for the time being become as fierce as what he is reading, should, without being led astray, find his rugged and treacherous way across the desolate swamps of these sombre and poison-filled pages; for, unless he brings to his reading a rigorous logic and a tautness of mind equal at least to his wariness, the deadly emanations of this book will dissolve his soul as water does sugar."

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