The black book of English Canada

In the summer of 2000, Normand Lester, reporter for the Canadian public television network CBC discovered that the Heritage Minutes, vignettes broadcast on that same network produced by Robert Guy Scully, were secretly financed by the Canadian Heritage department headed by Sheila Copps. This amounts to propaganda as the shorts depicted a very positive view of Canada's history. The plot thickened when Mr. Lester was pulled from the story.

Fast forward to fall 2001. Normand Lester publishes a book Le livre noir du Canada anglais (The black book of English Canada), where he chronicles the less savoury episodes of Canadian history. He goes in depth how french canadians were persecuted and really hits hard on the anglophone press of today. But he documents other disturbing facts about antisemitism and persecution of japanese canadians around WWII. He calls the book a rebuttal to the squeaky-clean, sanitized vignettes plugged by the Federal Government.

Recently, Mr. Lester has been suspended from Radio-Canada for alleged conflict of interest, and has resigned his post. Hmm, maybe they really are out to get him.

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