Mordecai Richler passed away in Montreal today, July 4th 2001, at the age of 70, from complications arising due to kidney cancer. He was undergoing chemotherapy for kidney cancer, after having had one kidney removed a few years ago. Some say his use of cigars and brandy hastened him along, but he was 70, after all. He lived a long, verbose life and seemed to say what he came to say.

He was, as many authors are, complex. He seemed to revel in the controversy he stirred among Quebec nationalists. He loved Montreal and Quebec, and expressed hatred, sadness and impatience with what politicians were trying to do to it. He received the Order of Canada in October of 2000 for his writings. His work spanned genres, from the children’s book Jacob Two-Two and the Hooded Fang, to fictional stories of growing up Jewish in Montreal like The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz, to political writings such as Oh Canada! Oh Quebec! (over which he received death threats). He will be missed on the Canadian literary scene.

A mostly-complete list of works:


Children's books:



And of course countless newspaper and journal articles.

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