Character from Star Trek played by Susan Gibney.

A graduate from the Daystrom Institure of Technology with the title of doctor. She was responsible for most of the design of the warp drive of the Galaxy-class starships. Working in the Theoretical Propulsion Group at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards on Mars as a junior member, although she did much more.

In 2366 Geordi LaForge created a hologram of her to help him to get out of the Mentharian booby trap. During their time together Geordi develop a real attraction to her image.

In 2367, being promoted to senior design engineer, she visited the Enterprise-D. She wanted to inspect the modifications Geordi made to her design. To LaForge's horror, she was highly critical of his modifications. And she was even more furious when she found out that Geordi had created a hologram of her to help him. She considered it a invasion of her privacy. And to make things worse, when Geordi makes a pass on her, she tells him she is married.

Info about junior...

In an early draft of Booby Trap (TNG) she was named Navid Daystrom, a descendant of Richard Daystrom. But the casting department didn't keep in mind that that would require a black actor when they hired Susan Gibney. The Daystrom tie-in was kept by letting her graduate from the Daystrom Institute.

See: Booby Trap (TNG), Galaxy's Child (TNG)

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