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Lee Valley Tools is the mecca in Canada for woodworking and gardening tools, as well as other kinds of hardware. Many of the tools they sell are of their own design. All their stores are in Canada, but they are not your run of the mill places; there are few items on shelves for you to see. You have to browse a catalogue, fill out an order form, take a number, and have a minion bring your chosen booty out from the warehouse in the back. Customers like me receive their lovely catalogues at home, from where we peruse the selections and make our choices before we even go to the store. Memorable things I have bought at Lee Valley include the best multi-head screwdriver ever and the amazingly useful micro-plane rasp.

Lee Valley has recently launched a large ebusiness site where you can go to request that you yourself become a recipient of their catalogues. If you like tools, you'll love Lee Valley.

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