Legal Murder is a melodic metalcore band based in Lakeville, Minnesota. Their previous style has been described as "hardcore" "rapcore" and "doom metal," although they have now decided to change their style to have more clean vocals and are more appropriately described as "thrashmetal" presently.


AJ Vannorde, a student at Lakeville North High School, had always been interested in guitar. began to teach himself how to further improve his guitar knowledge to take lead of his own band as lead guitarist. Jesse VonWold, AJ's new guitar student, would soon become the rhythm guitar player in a band known as Legal Murder.

Months passed with AJ and Jesse perfecting themselves and learning. Anthony Edwards, another high school student, soon joined them as the bassist. Now the problem of finding a drummer only remained. The first drummer they tried to play with was Byron Treangen. After awhile jamming with him, AJ says he came to the conclusion that Byron "...just knows double bass. He doesn't know drums." The next solution to their problem was Charlie Stokes, another high school student. It was soon discovered that he was not the right style of drummer for this metal band. Finally, after months of coaxing, and experience from a past stint with the band Falling Victim, AJ hired Ben Haskin.


Legal Murder is now writing new material for an EP in the near future. On their MySpace page, they have posted several songs, which have been revealed as mere previews and will be changed greatly for their respective releases. These previews are entitled:

  • Prelude
  • 35W (Now with drums)
  • Something's Loose
  • This Has Just Begun
  • Cold
Current Lineup:

AJ Vannorde: Lead Guitar and Screams

Jesse VonWold: Rhythm Guitar and Vocals

Ben Haskin: Drums

Former Members:

Mike Larson: Lead Guitar

Anthony Edwards: Bass Guitar and Back-up Screams

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