A couple of months ago I left the sunny shores of Australia along with my brother and sister to visit North America. Had a great time up there but found out that nowhere had they heard of this fantastic drink! My 2 siblings, both being teetotalers, usually order this when we go out to bars but we were greeted with a whole lot of strange looks when we tried to order this in places like Toronto and New York. So for all you North Americans, here is the recipe. Learn it, teach your local bartenders how to make it, so next time I'm there i can enjoy a drink with my family...

What you'll need:

Firstly, put about 5 - 6 drops of the bitters into the glass and swirl it around, what you want to do here is coat the bottom part of the glass with the stuff. Once you've done that drop the ice into the glass. Over the ice pour the Sprite and top up with the lime cordial. Now if you've done everything in the right order you should have a kind of cloud of bitters at the bottom of your drink, and a cloud of lime at the top. The idea is for you to now poke the ice around with a straw and mix up the flavours, thereby making people around you think you've made or ordered something a bit exotic (of course if you're making this yourself chances are the people around you wont care about you looking exotic and probably just want you to stop messing up the kitchen or something). If you did things out of order or too vigorously, everything will just mix up straight away.. still tastes the same but you no longer get the satisfaction of mixing the drink yourself.

Though bitters in itself is quite alcoholic, in these quantites its very diluted and so most non-drinkers don't mind it.

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