The Leonard Nimoy Should Eat More Salsa Foundation is an international organisation dedicated to a single premise: that Leonard Nimoy shout eat more salsa. As the Leader of the movement, Jeff Miller, says:

We here at the LNSEMSF believe that Leonard Nimoy is excellent, and salsa is excellent, and if Leonard Nimoy would eat more salsa, he would become an unstoppable force of excellence.

Indeed, the Foundation can present compelling evidence in the form of a Salsa-Excellence chart that clearly shows that

ELN ∝ s

where ELN is the Leonard Nimoy Excellence Quotient, and s is the amount of salsa he eats.

The Foundation also provides photographic demonstrations of the potential combination of Leonard Nimoy and salsa.

As a lobby organisation, the Foundation operates an on-line petition to encourage Leonard Nimoy to eat more salsa, and provides photographic evidence of his past avoidance of salsa.

The Official Leonard Nimoy Should Eat More Salsa Foundation website is at

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