I have come to understand that my seemingly-supernatural luck depends in part on the amount of work my parents have been able to put into their own lives, such that I am able to stumble upon necessary resources and solutions all the time simply because those resources were things they obtained deliberately for their own purposes ahead of time. Food, writing implements, paper, et cetera. Luck favors the prepared.

This also seems to occur beyond my immediate family, in the sense that my life goes well because I happen to live in a prosperous town, such that everyday operations are low-cost because there is no strife around here to get in the way of them. I walk the streets of this town by day and by night without fear.

Likewise I have many good friends because some of them (two in particular) gave me a chance even when I appeared to prefer being alone.

I was reminded of this when hungered for an evening snack, and decided that the best solution to this predicament was candy. I went downstairs and stumbled upon the cookies that I had been given earlier that day that I had forgotten about.

Thus my life continues apace.

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