People whose hearts are in the right place; their minds, however, are often the subject of an APB. Fame is not a prerequisite, but we associate it with celebrity: Alec Baldwin, Kevin Costner, Barbra Streisand and a host of stars who apparently all dropped out of the London School of Economics before pursuing their careers in show business. Often seen saving the whales, name-dropping Mumia Abu-Jamal, and writing checks to their kids' private schools.

A political caricature against various celebrities and wealthy persons that believe in left leaning politics.

Although the limousine liberal celebrity is frequenltly subject to ridicule (often well founded) for their ignorance of economics or politics, a rich liberal politician has the advantage of not needing to solicit funding from special interests in order to get or keep office. For instance, the Democratic Senator Herbert Kohl of Wisconsin owns his own chain of grocery and retail stores, and does not need to host fund raisers or cut deals in order to run his campaigns.

In France, Limousine Liberals are known as "La gauche caviar" (The caviar left wing). The most obvious member of la gauche caviar is minister of education Jack Lang, formerly minister of culture. Most famous artists and movie directors also are members of la gauche Caviar (Except maybe for Luc Besson or Michel Sardou).

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