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All Points Bulletin. What the police put out for someone they're looking for. This usually includes a discription, picture, and last known location, as well as why they are after the person, and are issued to all law enforcement agencies in the surrounding area. Generally, it is a bad thing to have one of these which refers to you.

APB is an also a great arcade game released by Atari in 1987. You played a rookie police office who had to cruise the city in your patrol car, pulling over people for various infractions. You could apprehend most miscreants by use of your siren, but for the real low-lifes and thugsyou sometimes had no choice but to use a little hot lead persuasion. You also had the responsibility of collecting enough fuel to keep your cruiser running, as well as not crashing into innocent bystanders, and collecting the occasional donut for bonus points.

APB was designed and programmed by Dave Theurer. Sadly, it turned out to be his last game for Atari, and he left the company shortly after it's release.

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