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5. The Battle (optional)

If you choose to stay skip to section six. Otherwise, equip the pistol and prepare for a fight. Florence waves everybody toward the broken wall.


Here’s what we’re going to do. We need to get to that ridge. The main street of the town will be our escape route. The sun sets in ten minutes, but true dark is in twenty. If we don’t get out before then…




Or those metal toothed things!


Focus. We’ll take Main Street up to Harper and then a hard left. Move fast, and shoot anything not breathing. Fortunately, if we make it before sundown, we shouldn’t have to worry about anything but zombies.


Girl, stick close to me.


Yes, sir.

You can follow the team, or not, but if you run off Doyle will follow you, trying to protect you. There’s no need to kill any zombies, but they will become hostile to you once you join the soldiers. Dying will allow you to respawn, but the battle will continue without you and it is likely everybody will get killed without you around.

The pistol is a miserable weapon, but it can take down zombies with headshots. Attack them first with Spark to stun them and then shoot them in the head. Most are slow zombies, but a few are fast, and some are so rotted they’re walking skeletons. The Dim spell works relatively well against zombies. It strangely doesn’t seem to bother your allies.

The soldiers themselves are armed with grenades, shotguns, and assault rifles. It is possible to get these weapons, but Imi is not very strong and cannot control the assault rifles very well, while the shotgun’s recoil will knock her down.

The path is fairly straightforward. Vivi takes point, while Sessman brings up the rear. Florence will direct the team down through the building onto Main Street and will be attacked immediately by the zombies. (The moreans are here too, watching from the rooftops in creepy silhouette.)



You got one on your six.
Eat this!
Rock and Roll!
Get the one with the helmet!
Fire, fire, fire!

The first part is relatively easy, but the number of zombies keeps increasing. Note that ammo is limited and the soldier’s weapons will progressively weaken as they go along. The zombies start out with just their fists, but a few have axes, and at least one has a pistol.

Halfway up Main Street, the zombie attack will pick up intensity, and during the scuffle, Sessman will be dragged into the horde. It’s not possible to save him, and the team will be ordered to double time it.

Getting caught by the horde results in death. The best strategy is to stick with the group. Doyle has a shotgun and is a highly effective zombie clearer.

Once on Harper, the zombies will back off, and keep their distance.


I don’t like this. It’s like they can think.


We know they can sorta strategize.




Be ready for anything.


I wonder if we can break through. Just charge and create a hole?


I ain’t risking--

A shot will ring out and Florence will go down with a bullet to his throat. There is confusion as the zombies part and the BONEDREN appears.


NCO down!

They try to stop the blood.


Shit! Hang in there!


We’ve got incoming.


I think he’s dead.


Man, man, man, we got .

The Bonedren is a massive skeleton cobbled together with various human and animal bones. It has three human skulls in its chest and two wolf skulls attached to two incredibly long necks. Its limbs are a Swiss Army tool kit of claws and tusks and spines.

The Bonedren can’t be hurt with bullets, but it can be hurt by the Spark spell. The best strategy is to keep away from it and hit it with Spark as often as possible. The soldiers will use up their grenades on it. If you have any these are a good way to lower its armor thresh hold. After a grenade hit, the boss will be stunned for a few seconds allowing a close up Spark attack.

At fifty percent health, the Bonedren will start lashing out with its wolf heads. Your Spark spell however, will be noticeably stronger now.


Spark Spell power increased to level 2.

When the Bonedren finally dies, it will crumble into dust and the zombies will attack en mass.


Shit! Run!

It is not possible to stand and fight, so run toward your destination killing everything you can.

Once away from the hoard make your way to the ridge. Of the seven, only Doyle and Vivi have survived. Doyle is in bad shape. Talk to him.


Hey, you survived. I messed up. See?

He’ll show you a bite on his arm.


That’s a death sentence, but I think I used up my ammo. You got to do it.

Imi cannot shot him, however, because even if you still have ammo, she won’t be able to bring herself to.


Ah, well. I understand. Vivi!


Don’t ask me to do it.


I don’t want to end up like the rest. Just do it qui--

She’ll shoot him before he can finish the sentence. Vivi will lean against the tree and look toward the village. The setting sun highlights some features. The moreans circle above the village looking for you.

Talk to Vivi.


This mission was all fucked up. How did you get through that mess without a scratch? That was magic, right? You’re a sorceress, right? Can you magic me away?

(ask about the team)

Tsk. Gone. You know, they knew who our NCO was. And the fucked up part? They shot him in the throat. He’ll be back tonight as one of them. If they shot him in the head, he’d just be dead, but now… They’re not stupid.

(ask about the zombies)

They’re not stupid. Maybe each one of the zombies is, but whatever controls them is pretty smart. If I stay here, Florence will come and he’ll look and talk like himself, and he’ll have all his memories, but it won’t be Florence. It’ll be something else. It’ll be whatever’s behind all of their eyes.

(if you stayed with the group and managed not to die)

Here, take this. You might know what to do with it.

She gives you an Aspect of Water. This Aspect of Water can cancel any magical effect near you and will slowly sap magical creatures health when active. The Aspect will become quartz after three uses.

(ask about her)

You go on ahead. I’ll catch up. There’s a few things I need to do first.

Leave her there and head into the forest. There’s a glyph inside the lightning shattered pine along the path. Collect it and head into The Wizard’s Woods.

Lithic Walkthrough Part 2<------------> Lithic Walkthrough Part 4

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