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6. Night in the Wizard’s Woods

The Aspect of Water can be used as a light, but it is better to use Spark if needed.

Continue forward until you find a path. There are several satyrs here. These enemies are mildly bothersome, but easily scared away by Spark. If you’ve leveled Spark up to the third level, it is lethal to them.

The satyrs use a spell call Healing Bloom. Once Imi sees it, she will acquire it for herself. Healing Bloom will slowly restore health for thirty seconds.

Follow the path until you can hear the small waterfall. Head to the waterfall and collect the shards.

Return to the path and follow it until you find a broken car. The car once went over the cliff above. Backtrack the car’s path and climb up onto Interstate 70. There are several Children of the Earth here who will drop shards, and one Juglan Nymph. The nymph is impossible to hurt directly, but if you destroy the tree growing out of the road, the nymph will die dropping a glyph.

Once the spirits are gone, a far more serious enemy will appear. The Vampire Maiden won’t attack right away. She’ll follow you up the highway until you reach the ring of burning cars. This is actually a bit creepy as if you turn to confront her, she’ll always move away so you can never reach her.

Somebody has arranged a circle of cars in the road and set them on fire. There is a magic circle around the cars, perhaps explaining this as a ritual of some sort. Entering the ring will trigger a cutscene.

Imi will notice the vampire maiden.


Who are you?


Daylight names are passing fancy. Come, you are one of the ancient immortals, you understand how little use names are.


I don’t understand what you’re talking about.


We wish to know why you sided with the humans.


You killed them all! I have nothing to say to you.


I might not be able to kill you, but I can cancel your physical presence on this plane. Gather your magics, immortal.


Gather yours, monster.

The Maiden will open with the spell Moonlight Beam, a powerful attack spell. After the battle, the spell will appear in Imi’s repertoire as “Moonlight.”

There are several ways to go about the battle. The Vampire Maiden isn’t as formidable as the Bonedren and mostly relies on her moonbeam attack. She’s weak to close combat, but completely immune to bullets (if you have any guns left). The Aspect of Water will drain her of health and can be used to great effect here, but simply holding it will force the vampire back as if it were a cross.

At this point, Spark should at least be level 2, and it is the most effective of your attacks.

Once defeated, a cutscene will activate.


This is our land! OURS! Our--

She crumbles into dust leaving a few shards and the Castle’s Key.

Moonlight is a moderate attack spell. It’s most notable feature is that at higher levels it adds a multiplier of damage for each successful hit up to its level. A level ten spell will therefore deal x10 damage after ten hits.

Follow the highway to the drop off and carefully make your way back down into the forest. There are more satyrs to fight and one or two zombies. The zombies from now on will be universally hostile.

Find your way to the stone totem. It will reinvigorate you if you need it. Then head north. There is a clockwork wolf here; an artificially constructed enemy made entirely out of magic. The Aspect of Water will kill it instantly, but it is better not to waste the Aspect and use either Moonlight or Spark on it.

Eventually you’ll hit a clearing where a fence blocks your progress. The fence has a No Trespassing sign on it. Jump over the fence and fight the two clockwork wolves on the other side.

Continue to the ravine. Throw a Golden Seal across the ravine then jump to your death. Respawn on the other side.

There is a footpath up the mountain guarded by plenty of clockwork wolves. Clockwork soldiers are also scattered throughout here. They are very weak to the Moonlight spell, but you should still be careful as their swords can take up to a third of your health off with one strike.

Eventually, the footpath leads to a ruined castle wall. Use the castle key on the castle gate and continue into the castle.

7. Wizard’s Castle

The Wizard’s Castle is populated by a number of magic construct enemies. They all share a weakness to the Aspect of Water, however, as the Aspect has limited uses, it should only be used as a last resort.

Spark and Moonlight work very well in here. Additionally, there is a wandering clockwork mage who uses the spell Tanlith’s Hammer which once you come across gets incorporated into your spells.

Hammer is an area effect spell that pushes enemies near you away. It deals good damage if the enemies a weak enough to get knocked over, however it is nearly useless against magic constructs.

First, head to your left and defeat the clockwork lion in the next room. Use Moonlight on the cracked ceiling to receive several shards. Continue into the next room. Here is a large door with a glyph stuck in it. To remove the glyph you will have to examine the statue in the nearby alcove.

The statue will come alive and make as if to attack you, but its magic will run out and it will fall apart. Once this happens the glyph will fall off of the door and become collectable.

Enter the door, and prepare to face several clockwork horses. When they are defeated move on to the dining room.

Fight the iron horse. Spark is the best spell here. The horse is a formidable enemy however, and is able to pursue you room to room, by kicking down the doors.

The horse will drop a blue key.

The dining room loops back to the entrance hall. This time head to the right.

There is a small chessboard here and a locked door. To beat the chess puzzle move the bishop to e6, then the queen to f7. Once solved, the enemy king will turn into a key for the locked door.

Continue on, and fight the clockwork lion beyond. This leads to the Wizard’s Throne Room.

The Wizard Himself is dead in his chair. Remove his amulet to gain seventeen shards and to open a Portal.

The Portal is too wavery to step through, but it does show a mountain with a great red beam shooting out from one of its peaks. (This is, in fact, Cheyenne Mountain.)

The portal closes.


I don’t get it. Am I supposed to get to the mountain?

With the scene ended, the back wall of the castle crumbles, allowing Imi to exit back to I-70.

8. I-70

The sun hasn’t risen yet, but birds are chirping. You need to get off the road before the sun rises because the moreans will descend once it is fully up.

Sprint to the town ahead.

The town of Frisco doesn’t have nearly as many zombies as Hoke, and the moreans will be actively pursuing you. The key to avoiding detection is to stick to cover and avoid open areas if possible. Dim will be your best friend.

The moreans can be stunned by Spark if it is a high enough level, and pushed back by Hammer, but Moonlight will send them into a dangerous frenzy.

The idea of this level is to get through the town. What few zombies there are will draw the morean’s attention, so it is best to avoid conflict with them.

Frisco has plenty of shards and two glyphs to find. The first is located in the town’s church and the other is in the general store.

The general store has a metal totem that will convert any quartz you may be carrying to shards.

At the most north-eastern point of town is a storm drain. Escape into the storm drain to complete the level.

9. Storm Drain

Thankfully, the ubiquitous sewer level isn’t very long. The tunnels are populated by many Children of the Earth, and a new spirit enemy the Water Fairy.

The Water Fairies leech magic and you’ll find your spells won’t work very well around them. They’re fairly easy to kill with low powered spells and mostly are a pain around more dangerous enemies.

A few waterlogged zombies hide in the tunnels. They are weak to everything, but have a nasty bite attack and can be dangerous when accompanied by the water fairies.

After a few bends in the tunnel you’ll find yourself out in the mountains again.

Lithic Walkthrough Part 3<------------> Lithic Walkthrough Part 5