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Once upon a time,in the forest of Glurk, there was an old cottage near Traverse Town in Mississippi state. Those who lived there were a boy named Alexander and his mother Sarah. Alexander's mother had made a silly green cloak that he wore every day. Everyone called him Green Cloak.<.p>

One day Green Cloak's mother gave him a basket of meatballs. Now, I ,as a wolverine, simply love meatballs.
“Take these to Grandma Beth's house,” said Green Cloak's mother. “She is sick in bed. Don't talk to strangers or wolverines.”
“OK,” said Green Cloak.

In the forest of Glurk, I saw Green Cloak, walkin' along the path. I just so happened to know where he was goin', but I jumped toward him and acted as if I had no idea where he were goin', so I played it safe.
“Hey, if it ain' ol' Green Cloak, a walkin' down the path,” I said with a fake Southern accent. “Where ya goin?”
“Granny Beth's house. Why, y'ol rat?” He was so dumb, he thought I was a rat!
“Hey, I ain' a rat, I'm a wolverine,” I said, continuing the accent. “You couldn't tell a piece of cheese from a horseshoe! Ha ha ha!”

That is when I ran on ahead of Green Cloak, but man, did those meatballs smell good! I felt drool coming up, but I swallowed. At Ol' Granny Beth's, I knew I could get in through a window. I went to a window that was open and climbed in, raced to Granny Beth, and had a quick lunch. I was so tired, I just had to rest.

Soon, Green Cloak came to the house and was alarmed to see me on the bed. He went to the kitchen, got a knife, and cut open my stomach. He thought he knew what had happened, so he didn't use a gun. Out popped Granny, live as a canary bird. I, Wolverine, had later gotten stitches. As you are reading this, I am still recovering. But hey, don't even get me started on that...

The End

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