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In June 1988, the small town of Bishopville, SC became the focus of international attention. In the few months that followed, the residents of the area were beseiged with reports of a creature with glowing red eyes, green scaled flesh that stood over seven feet in height. The creature was dubbed the Lizard Man.

The first sighting of the Lizard Man happened early one morning in June 1988 when Christopher Davis, a seventeen year old McDonald's employee was on his way home from closing the local store. Driving down a country road, Davis experienced a blow out and stopped to replace the tire.

While he was working to repair the tire, Davis heard a noise in the bean field across from where his car had broken down. Looking up, Davis saw a figure running toward him, a figure with glowing red eyes. Davis locked himself in his car and proceeded to try to escape, while a figure with a three-fingered hand and green skin tried to get to Davis through the door. As Davis sped away, the creature leaped on the roof of Davis's car. Davis was successful in being able to shake the creature off and arrive home safely. Davis's car showed long, deep scratches on the roof and the outside mirror on the driver's side door was hanging off the car.

Over the next few months, numerous sightings of the creature, who was called the Lizard Man, occured around the Bishopville area. Tracks were found in the area and search parties were formed to look through the swampy land that surrounds Bishopville in hopes of finding the creature. Local business men took advantage of the attention to sell all types of "Lizard Man" paraphenalia.

No sightings of the creature have been made in the years since, but some believe that the creature is similar to other Lizard men that have been sighted in New York and New Jersey.

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