It was really hard to cook when I was so sick in June and July. I put off eating every day for as long as possible and took a really hot bath very soon after meals. Sweating would help get rid of the antibodies. I would feel sick from the strep growing from the increase in blood sugar, from the die-off as they were killed by the antibiotics and from the antibodies.

But I still had a hungry teenage swimmer and mountain biker in the house who wanted food. I came up with this recipe.

The ingredients are very very flexible. We were in a CSA this summer and got a box of vegetables direct from the farm every Wednesday. I hate throwing food out, so I would try to get it all used up.

Preheat the oven to 350 and your cast iron frying pan at medium high on the stove top.

1. Pork. some piece of pork or pork chops or chicken. I made this with beef this week and didn't like it as much. My daughter does not actually like meat very much so I tend to make this heavy on the vegetables, light on the meat.
2. Greens. I usually use kale. Spinich, chard, collards, or parsley....
3. Potatoes or sweet potatoes or yams or jerusalem artichokes.
4. Other vegetables. Celeriac, I love it. Carrots or beets or parsnips or whatever.
5. Onions
6. Garlic
7. Spice of your choice. I have been using locally made hot paprika. He makes 7-8 kinds. It is fabulous.
8. if you want, wine or beer or heavy cream or whatever you want to add if you want to add some liquid....

Wash and slice the vegetables into rounds. Chop the onion and garlic. I would peel the beets and the celeriac but not the potatoes. Your choice.

Salt, pepper and spice the meat. Brown it in the hot frying pan. Set the meat in the oven proof pan. Use the frying pan for the onion.

Brown the onion and any other vegetable that you want browned. Add the garlic for the last minute or so, chopped or sliced.

Layer the ingredients in an oven proof pan with a lid. Some potatoes and some vegetables and then the meat and then some onions and more potatoes and greens and vegetables and the other pork chop or whatever. You can add a little liquid if you want.

Pour wine or beer or heavy cream or liquid of your choice on it. Or don't. It will make it's own liquid.

Bake for 30-40 minutes until the potatoes are done. I slice the meat, because my daughter doesn't like chunks of meat, but my son loves them... up to you.

I added Western Cauliflower mushrooms to the layers this week.

With my hungry swim team member, this will last us two days and maybe a lunch.


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