Log"ger*head` (?), n. [Log + head.]


A blockhead; a dunce; a numskull.

Shak. Milton.


A spherical mass of iron, with a long handle, used to heat tar.

3. Naut.

An upright piece of round timber, in a whaleboat, over which a turn of the line is taken when it is running out too fast.

Ham. Nav. Encyc.

4. Zool.

A very large marine turtle (Thalassochelys caretta, ∨ caouana), common in the warmer parts of the Atlantic Ocean, from Brazil to Cape Cod; -- called also logger-headed turtle.

5. Zool.

An American shrike (Lanius Ludovicianus), similar to the butcher bird, but smaller. See Shrike.

To be at loggerheads, To fall to loggerheads, ∨ To go to loggerheads, to quarrel; to be at strife.

L' Estrange.


© Webster 1913.

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