God, who wished to reward a desire so fervent and so just, suspended this convulsion as by a miracle and restored his judgement completely as in the perfection of his health, in a manner that the parish priest, entering into his room with the sacrament, cried to him: “Here is he whom you have so much desired.” These words completely roused him and as the priest approached to give him communion, he made an effort, he raised himself half way without help to receive it with more respect; and the priest having interrogated him, following the custom, on the principal mysteries of the faith, he responded distinctly: “Yes, monsieur, I believe all that with all my heart.” Then he received the sacred wafer and extreme unction with feelings so tender that he poured out tears. He replied to everything, thanked the priest and as the priest blessed him with the holy ciborum, he said, “Let God never forsake me.”

As recounted by his sister.

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