My parents had gone out for the night, and the house was left alone to me and my sister. Nothing unusual, it happened all the time.

It was just a normal day.

"Hey Chris," my sister said, peering through my doorway. "I'm gonna go out with my friends tonight... Don't tell mom and dad."

I could have ended it there.

"Sure" I said, thinking, what could happen anyway? She was a perfectly good driver and wasn't some person who would run out getting drunk. So, what the heck? There's no point in fretting about it.


I sat at my computer, staring at the screen, playing around a few games here and there. It got kind of late. I glanced at the clock. It was 1:00 AM. My parents were due home any minute. I called my sister on her cell phone. Dead line.


My parents didn't come home for another hour. They finally got home, and I was very worried. Still, what could have happened? Maybe she stayed out a bit later than she should have and didn't catch the time. My parents got home.


"Where is your sister?" my mother shouted, seeing that she was nowhere to be found. I just digged my foot into the ground. I bit my lips and said "I don't know."


I went to bed later that night. That morning I woke up to a mother and father sobbing in the living room.

My sister was dead.

She had been killed by a drunk driving down the street, mere minutes from our house. Her best friend got critically injured, though lived, but not without losing a leg.


I still can't look back and feel as if it wasn't my fault... If only I hadn't let her go. I could have stopped it... Yet I didn't.

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