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A Canadian (specifically British Columbia, and Alberta) retail pharmacy chain. Also carrys logical things for a pharmacy to carry, such as cosmetics, and photo developing, and meanders off into odd things like insurance, electronics/computer equiptment, and housewares.

The London Drugs Story

In the mid - forties London Drugs was founded when a small corner drugstore was taken over. Their controversial policy of low percentage mark-ups on prescription drugs was immediately popular with customers.

An extensive camera department was added - a first for a drugstore and another winner with customers. London Drugs' commitment to low prices and innovative mechandising was the foundation or their success, and by 1969 there were three stores in the chain.

The Broadway location was opened in 1970 and became the first super drug store in Vancouver. Success followed and in just six years there were nine superstores in the chain. Then in 1976 London Drugs was sold to Mr. Tong Louie.

Mr Louie understood the promise and potential of London Drugs. In buying it he brought the company's roots back home to western Canada, triggering a sensational period in their history. Mr. Louie brought with him the reputation and expectations of excellence - guiding the company with his values of pride, integrity and respect for people.

Because of unique success, London Drugs had to compete with itself. It had strived to be ahead of market trends, to anticipate, and act, not just react, to take a risk and make it work. This takes people who believe in themselves and their ability. The strength of the company is in its people. The incredible success confirms the London Drugs belief, that good people will do a good job.

Source: Welcome to London Drugs ORIENTATION

Many London Drugs stores can be found in these Canadian cities :

British Columbia

Sunshine Coast
Prince George


Medicine Hat
Red Deer
St. Albert
Grande Prairie



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