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"Salesdroid" is a term used by geeks to refer to a salesperson, generally in computer stores (though the term is not limited to only computer stores). This term is used to describe the general cluelessness of salespeople, and more specifically the type of cluelessness that generally accompanies those who are trying to sell something they have no idea about.

This appears to be a symptom of larger stores' tendancy to move salespeople not to where their skills are useful, but to whereever their wim takes them. If you don't have enough people in the computer department, best get some washing machine salespeople to fill it up a bit.

A particularily fun game is to go into a store such as a Future Shop or London Drugs, find a droid and ask them a question that only someone who is clued would know the answer to. Linux questions, server configuration questions, and CPU questions are particularily amusing. Most answers go something like:

  • "Yes, we have the latest Linux! 7.0!"
  • "AMD is superior to Intel because they don't track you."
  • "To run a webserver you will need at least a P4 1G with 512 MB RAM."
  • (When asked the uncompressed capacity of a tape drive) Looks at box "Looks like this is a 400 MB drive." "No, that's 400 MB compressed" pointing at the large label that says 400 MB Compressed "Oh. Let me get my manager."

Sometimes you may feel bad abusing the salesdroids, because lets be honest, it's as easy as shooting dairy cows with an uzi.

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