Red Deer has blistering hot summers and cold, dry winters. It houses a strange mix of rednecks and dedicated volunteers. For the most part everyone is very friendly. The population is almost entirely english speaking and caucasian. There are six bus routes that work in loops and give out (blech) directional transfers. The big hangouts for broke aimless teens are the Superstore and the McDonalds; for monied aimless teens, the two malls, Parkland and Bowey, that sit at diametrically opposed ends of town. The Value Village gets a steady stream of visitors from Edmonton and Calgary because it isn't as picked over for cool vintage stuff as their VVs are. It has lots of evergreen trees, more than you'd expect in a prairie town. The blocks are long outside of the small downtown core. The city hall is connected to an excellent library, and there are two smaller branches of the library. There are an excellent series of paths, parks, and nature walks centrered around the Kerry Wood Nature Centre. The city is home to the Michener Centre, a residential care centre for the mentally challenged, whose employees are remarkably kind. Crazy carpets take over every hill in sight from the first snowfall on. City taxes are high. Non-profits are unusually successful. Lots of people have dogs. It's not an interesting town, but it's a nice enough place to live for a while.

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