Small, diffuse farming community in Inverness-shire. About 12 miles from Inverness, down Loch Ness-side. Situated in a hanging valley above Loch Ness, it provides a shortcut for locals between the surrounding villages - Drumnadrochit, Beauly, Foxhole - and Inverness.

The Gaelic name means either 'Place where the Deer Come to Drink', or 'The Place where the Burns Meet', depending on who you listen to.

There is nothing in Abriachan, there used to be a post office, the front porch of someones house, but like so many others across the UK it has been closed. Walking across the moor, towards Inverness, for five miles there is Red Rock. Heading the other way is Loch Laide (pronounced 'Latch'), a supposed Kelpie pool. Slavonian Grebes and otters live here.

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