1. Looking for Freedom
  2. Wir Zwei Allein
  3. Crazy for You
  4. Do the Limbo Dance
  5. Flying on the Wings of Tenderness
  6. Hot Shot City
  7. Save the World
  8. These Lovein' Eyes (sic)
  9. Fallin' in Love (previously unreleased!)
  10. Is Everybody Happy
  11. The Best Is Yet to Come
  12. Freedom for the World
  13. Je T'Aime Means I Love You
  14. Do You Believe in Love (previously unreleased!)
  15. Danice Dance d'Amour
  16. Everybody Sunshine
  17. I Believe (duet with Laura Branigan)

Hasselhoff's music finds large audiences in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. David has released over 30 albums, many of them going 'gold' (i.e. selling over half a million copies). His music is also favoured by those with the most extreme of eclectic tastes. Released in 1995, this one is an absolute jem.

His vocal range is as broad and sweeping as that of his acting.
-- Iella Dunthorpe from Wellington, Delaware USA

A full 6 years have passed since this compilation's release, and still the Grammy Awards have yet to recognize this monument of musical achievement.
-- A music fan from Kessel Spice Mines

Loud beats want to make me get up and dance in apartment with brother Chau and man who rents room in my house. Number one singing!
-- Wo Hong Liu from Bierstadt, Korea

...now through the miracle of the now-profitable Amazon, you can realize your Hasselhoff dreams and put all of his biggest hits on just one slot of your 5-CD changer, leaving the other slots for Ace of Base, Brooks & Dunn, Faith Hill, and that hilarious
(sic) Garrison Keillor. Danke Schon Mister Hasselhoff!
-- A music fan from Houston, Arkansas

... A quick selection of quotes from the dozens of reviews on Amazon. Interestingly, each one ended with the line 'The song "Hot Shot City" is particularly good'. Does this indicate the work of one crazed individual? Or that a meme got picked up?. Quite probably both.

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