Originally a luxury leathergoods brand, famous for their silly monogram, Vuitton hired a French designer named Marc Jacobs in the Nineties and made successful prêt à porter fashion.
Part of the LVMH group, "The world's leading luxury products group."
A French company that makes (mainly) butt-ugly brown treated canvas and leather handbags with the "LV" logo stamped all over them, which are sold at inflated prices. For some reason, these bags are considered a must-have among vapid females who have bought wholesale into brand name consumerism, especially in Japan.

As a consequence of their success, the company currently sells the bags quicker than they can produce them, so that they have had to ration them - each customer only gets one bag. This leads to Japanese tourists who've come to Paris mainly to get Vuitton bags for themselves and all their friends (of course there are Vuitton shops in Japan, but they are more expensive) hiring passersby to buy bags for them...

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