A tiny almost imperceptible figure was huddled under the covers. It was his bed but there was someone else in it. He turned to leave but her voice stopped him. “You can come and take a nap with me if you'd like.” He craved the intimacy of her head on his shoulder. Tonight he needed her; needed her touch, her love. She moved closer to him. Her back sighed against his chest, she turned to face him while his hand wandered up to the braid in her hair. I love you Lana. You feel so right in my bed. I would do anything for you. I wish there was a way I could show you and tell you how much I love you.

You’re the only friend I have who always loves me and believes in me. Please don’t ever leave me. He shifted and pulled her closer to him. She was so soft. So soft and so sweet. So utterfy feminine. She was fresh and lovely and innocent. Nothing about her was contrived or artificial. Her ivory cheek kissed his pillow while her knowing green eyes read his mind. Truly she was a goddess of wisdom in the war of his life. A feeling of profound cotentment settled over him. He wrapped a curl around his finger and smiled.

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