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The oldest of the three Van Pelt kids in Peanuts, she torments Charlie Brown no end. The other two are Linus Van Pelt and Rerun Van Pelt.

Usually wearing a simple blue dress and sometimes a baseball cap, she likes to hold the football for Charlie Brown to kick, only to pull it away at the last minute resulting in the "AAUUUUGHHHH!" that is sure to follow.

She also runs a very cynical psychiatric booth where she charges 5 cents per session. Though she never helps him much, good old Charlie Brown always comes back for more advice.

Hopelessly in love with Schroeder she bugs him all the time and leans on his piano while he is playing. Once she even threw Schroeder's piano up the kite eating tree just to get his attention.

While she can be extremely crabby and with a tendency to slug others, she is easily disarmed by a kiss on the nose from snoopy.

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