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µ-Ziq released Lunatic Harness in 1997 on his own record label, Planet µ as catalogue number PUCD5 (in America, it was released on Astralwerks as ASW6201, and in Japan on EMI as VJCP-25331).

The tracklisting is as follows (A letter before the tracknumber denotes what LP-side it was on):

An excellent album by Mike Paradinas, with very funky and catchy melodies. For those who don't know him, the sound is reminiscent of Aphex Twin and other IDM artists, but still unique - a melodic mix frantic and mellow. Reccomended tracks are Brace Yourself Jason, Approaching Menace, Catkin & Teasel and Lunatic Harness.

The cover art shows Mike sitting at a wooden table with a reel tape recorder over an orange background. The picture was taken by Amber Rowlands.

Sources: Actual CD, Mike Paradinas' posting of a discography on the www.joyrex.com messageboard back in the day.

Audited May 21, 2002

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