University city at the very south of Sweden. The age of the city has been debated for years; Lund celebrated its "1000-year anniversary" in 1990, just twenty years after celebrating the "950-year anniversary" in 1970. Recent studies show that it might be time for another 1000-year anniversary in a few years -- the city is nowadays considered to have been founded in the early 11th century.

Lund is the home of Lund University (founded in 1666), and Lunds Domkyrka (the Cathedral of Lund), the latter built by the Danish in the 12th century. (Lund, and indeed all of Skåne, was Danish until 1658.)

The Battle of Lund in 1676 is generally considered the bloodiest in Nordic history, leaving some 5 000 Danes and 3 000 Swedes (about half of the respective armies) dead on the battlefield after a single day of combat.

The municipality of Lund had 98 000 inhabitants in 1999. The city itself had 71 500 in that same year.

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