"The definitive simulation of armored land combat"

M1 Tank Platoon is a PC game developed and produced by MicroProse Software around 1989. This brief passage from the introduction of the manual explains it very effectively:

    M1 Tank Platoon is a detailed, comprehensive simulation of modern armored combat. You control four of the world's best tanks in battle. But it's impossible for you to do the work of all 16 crewmembers in battle. So in M1 Tank Platoon the crewmen perform their own tasks to the best of their ability, while you can jump into anyone's seat and "take over" at a critical time. But you're also issuing orders to the other tanks, and other ground, air and artillery support as well. Your tactics spell the difference between victory and defeat. You're the "guiding spirit" of the platoon.

The gameplay is quite addictive, since you never play the same mission twice. All missions are played on randomly generated terrain with a random number of support units and enemies. The only guarantee is that you will have four M1A1 tanks under your control. There's nothing more satisfying than seeing a Russian tank explode under the brute force of your tank's 120mm smoothbore cannon.

The manual also explains some military mentality and doctrine, for those history buffs.

This is another fine classic from MicroProse.

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