This gun is usually called MAC-10 in full. It is favoured by the Terrorists in global domination and third-world countries. Here's some details I remember last time I used this piece of carbon.

Manufacturer: Ingram
Cost: $1400
Ammo Per Clip/Ammo Held in Weapon: 30 rounds
Max Reserved Ammo: 90 Rounds
Special Weapon Function: None
Power: High
Range: Short
Accuracy: Low-Medium
Ammo: .45ACP slugs (12-round mags)
Reload speed: Quick
Cyclic rate: Very High

Overview: Pretty powerful, but lacks accuracy, the mac-10 is a typical compact terrorist weapon. Would fit the mold for a Terrorist TMP, but the MAC-10 is feared by many, and not considered a toy, unlike the TMP, which too many underestimate.

MAC-10 is a weird small sub-machine gun. It has a little leather loop at the front of the gun for secondary grip (even though it moves about all over the place). It's all silver with these weird cylinders running at the back.

That ass boy from Robocop 2 used this gun as he fired it at the cops through the tattered window blinds (which exaggerrated his sinister smile). This gun is very loud.

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