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Are you new here? I think you should read dannye's homenode, Gritchka's homenode, and izubachi's homenode, and take heed of what you read.

I'm not active under this username any more. I will still be checking my /msgs every now and then, though, so if you want to know where I've gone, send me a /msg.

EDB and Me
it's a beautiful thing

Jul 4 2003

23:25 <MALTP> Caution: Happy Fun Ball may suddenly accelerate to dangerous speeds.
23:27 <Mandle> happy fun ball just put a hole in my head
23:28 <MALTP> The instructions say "Do not use Happy Fun Ball on concrete." Did you use Happy Fun Ball on concrete?
23:30 <Uberbanana> Happy Fun Ball is a choking hazard for the whole family.
23:30 <EDB> Not taunt Unhappy Death Borg.
23:31 <Uberbanana> The Borg is staring at me.
23:32 <Uberbanana> Here Borgy Borgy Borgy!
23:34 <MALTP> When not in use, Happy Fun Borg should be returned to its special container and kept under refrigeration.
23:35 <EDB> slavers at banana
23:37 <MALTP> Ingredients of Happy Fun Borg include an unknown glowing substance which fell to Earth, presumably from outer space.
23:38 <EDB> MALTP weird

Jul 3 2003

14:33 <MALTP> if Happy Fun Ball begins to smoke, get away immediately.
14:37 <MALTP> Happy Fun Ball may stick to certain types of skin.
14:38 EDB has swallowed MALTP. MALTP is good food!

Jul 2 2003

21:22 MALTP pledges to try to speak in haiku from now on
21:45 <MALTP> speaking in haiku: | it's not so hard: the trick is | don't say anything.
21:49 <sam512> hark to the crash of | the leaves in autumn, the smash | of the crystal leaves.
22:00 <m_turner> a haiku is not a seventeen syllab sentence with word boundies at 5 and 12 syllab.
22:03 <m_turner> consider (the english translation of) a classic haiku - "an ancient pond / a frog jumps in / the sound of water
22:12 <Halspal> Frigid water's sting / Please don't giggle it's shrinkage / Normally quite grand
22:22 <MALTP> two writeups i've birthed | but they were flawed. I learned how, | and they have been fixed.
22:31 <Halspal> Caterpillar's dance / Cocooned a butterfly flees / Swallowed by my dog
22:32 EDB has swallowed Halspal. keep 'em coming!
22:36 <JudyT> Halspal looses borg, / Death borgs munch on e2gods, / summer catbox pong.
22:37 <DeadEyes> Here are my two cents / Haikus equal EDB / Looks like I'm fucked now.
22:37 EDB Swallowed m-turner / Borg hate haiku more than soap / Borg wonder who next
22:39 Topic changed to: "Everything Death Borg / Eats and eats and eats and eats / Moist noder flesh good."
22:40 <MALTP> EDB hate haiku? | Even when flattering or | well-written haiku?
22:41 <Magus> 6-7-5? smazzling.
22:42 <MALTP> there is no EDB | for the structure of haiku. | take liberties.
22:43 <MALTP> HDB: what an | interesting idea. would | the ancients be proud?
22:45 <DeadEyes> You people are just / inserting random slashes / in between your words.
22:45 <MALTP> lather, rinse, repeat | while an infinite loop, it | can be soul-calming.
22:45 <kthejoker> EDB smells blood | turns, leaps at green newbies | noderflesh plus plus.
22:46 EDB has swallowed MALTP. *BURP*
22:47 EDB has swallowed DeadEyes. DeadEyes was tasty!
22:47 EDB has swallowed kthejoker. kthejoker is good food!