MĀNA-YOOD-SUSHĀĪ is the creator god in Lord Dunsany's 1905 work The Gods of Pegāna. It was he who, upon being approached by either Fate or Chance, created the Worlds and the gods.

Upon finishing, he rested. As long as he sleeps, the Worlds and gods shall continue to exist. However, his awakening signifies THE END, when he shall destroy the Worlds and gods and create new ones in their stead. There are suggestions made throughout the book that the reason for this is that the Worlds and gods are merely dreams of MĀNA — much like Lewis Carroll's Red King — and for this reason Skarl the Drummer beats forever on a drum, the steady noise serving to keep MĀNA asleep.

The name is always written in upper-case letters, with regular sized letters at the start of each of the name's three sections, and small caps for the rest of the letters. The final two accents over the A & the I should actually be written as one continuous stroke, so that the resultant accents are connected to one another.

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