Acronym for Missing In Action.

1980s punk band, originally from Las Vegas but who moved to Southern California to seek their fortune. Released at least one album, I believe under the Mystic Records label. The reaction of the Vegas scene seemed to be mixed pride at their achievement and resentment for their leaving. Wrote a fine song titled "Tell Me Why".

Airport Designation for Memphis International Airport, the third largest airport in terms of shipping. Also one of the ugliest with no attempt made what so ever on being pleasing to the eyes. Instead, their motto is: "If it looks good, cover it in concrete."

"Mia" is a nickname for bulimia. This term is often used when the eating disordered person is referring to their disease as making them do something, wanting them to do something, or when trying to speak in secret about bulimia. Also used to refer to their disease as a friend. Similar to "Ana" referring to anorexia.

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