The MK-19 40MM machine gun is an air-cooled, disintegrating metallic link-belt fed, blowback operated, crew-served, fully automatic weapon which can be transported on foot by its crew over short distances with limited ammunition. Typical deployment includes the use of the MK 64 Cradle Mount, MOD 5; the M3 Tripod Mount; and the AN/TVS-5 Night vision sight. The MK 19 is also designed to mount in the up-gunned weapons station of the LVTP7A1 model of the AAV as well as in standard vehicle mount rings such as those found on the M1043 or 1044 HMMWV. The MK-19 fires a variety of 40MM grenades. The most common is the M430 HEDP 40mm grenade, which will pierce armor up to 2 inches thick, and will produce fragments to kill personnel within 5 meters and wound personnel within 15 meters of the point of impact. The MK-19 has a rifled barrel to increase both accuracy and safety. The grenade rounds must complete a certain number of rotations in flight before they arm themselves to prevent the likelihood of friendly fire casualties.

Originally developed by the United States Navy in 1963, the weapon saw its first incarnation as the MK-18, a hand-cranked multiple grenade launcher. In 1966 the weapon was modified to be self-propelled to provide more firepower, and was referred to as the MK-19 MOD 0. The new weapon lacked reliability and safety to such a degree that it was deemed unsuitable for military use. The MK-19 was revived again in 1972 with the development of the MK-19 MOD 1. It was field-tested in Navy riverrine patrol boats and did well, leading to broader applications of the weapon. The Navy developed the safer, more reliable, and easier to maintain MOD 2 in 1973, and the current MOD 3 finally came to be in 1976 after a complete redesign which modified the weapon for use in land warfare. It has been in service with U.S. ground forces since 1983, and supports defense, retrograde, patrolling, rear area security, MOUT, and special operations.

Manufacturer: Saco Defense Industries
Length: 43.1 inches (109.47 centimeters)
Muzzle velocity: 790 feet (240.69 meters) per second
Bore diameter: 40mm
Maximum range: 2200 meters
Maximum effective range: 1600 meters
Unit Replacement Cost: $13,758

  • Gun: 72.5 pounds (32.92 kilograms)
  • Cradle (MK64 Mod 5): 21.0 pounds (9.53 kilograms)
  • Tripod: 44.0 pounds (19.98 kilograms)
  • Total: 137.5 pounds (62.43 kilograms)
Rates of fire:
  • Cyclic: 325-375 rounds per minute
  • Rapid: 60 rounds per minute
  • Sustained: 40 rounds per minute
  • M430I/M430A1 high-explosive dual-purpose grenades
  • M383 high-explosive grenade
  • M385I/M918 training practice rounds
  • M922/M922A1 dummy rounds

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